Caitríona is suspicious while O'Shea has some good news for Mack this week on Ros na Rún this week.

Can Noreen keep Dee’s email a secret? Malachaí continues to tell people that he and Frances were engaged. Tadhg does not believe it, and tells Malachaí he is on to him. Malachaí fearful of what Tadhg may say plants the engagement ring back in the B&B.

Noreen desperately wants to tell Mack about the Dee’s email but Ferdia persuades her not to. Mack informs them that he may have a lead as to where Dee and Bláithín are and he intends on flying to Thailand.

Laoise, with David’s help, manages to get Máire back to the B&B. All seems to be going well until Malachaí pays a visit and talks about poor Frances dying on the floor. Much to Laoise’s horror, Máire hightails out the door.

Bobbi Lee, tired of Noreen bossing her around in the pub manages to convince Tadhg to let her manage Gaudi’s. Bobbi Lee is delighted she has managed to get away from Noreen but seems less enthused on hearing how the school mammies are swarming around her man.

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