Caitríona is concerned about certain CCTV footage being seen by Frances and Tommy this week.

Katy is desperate to pay Tadhg back, before he realises Dee was telling him the truth about Jay. Will she find the money in time?

Áine's day in court has arrived. Will she convince the jury of Andy’s guilt?

Rory, under Emma’s guidance, tugs at Michelle’s heartstrings, by describing how beneficial the cream he is manufacturing would be for people with life-changing scars. Will Michelle invest in his cream?

Frances tells Tadhg she knows that he and Maggie were brother and sister. How will Tadhg react?

Bobbi Lee is due in court today to give evidence. Unbeknownst to her Andy has fired his barrister. Will Bobbi Lee be spared the ordeal of testifying against Andy?

Katy, thanks to Mack, finally has the money to pay Tadhg and retain her shares in Gaudi’s. Will Tadhg, knowing what he knows about Jay, accept her money?

Tadhg having dealt with Katy decides to put matters to rest with Frances. Will Tadhg lie to save face or reveal what really happened between himself and Maggie?

Caitríona is keen for Tommy to finish installing the CCTV cameras in the Ionad Pobail before Frances questions him about payment. Will Caitríona get away with doctoring his invoice or will Tommy open his big mouth?

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