In Ros na Rún, Bobbi Lee is worried about taking the stand in Andy's court case, but she thinks she may have found a way to avoid going to court. 

Caitríona, under financial pressure as it is, does not need the added expense of paying to have her wisdom tooth removal. Desperate for money she resorts to stealing the Ionad Pobail credit card. Will Caitríona see sense, and return it before it is noticed missing?

Ferdia pays Noreen an unexpected visit, much to her horror, but everyone else's delight. Ferdia is confused as to why Dee and Mack are so pleased to see him but soon discovers the reason why. Will we see Ferdia back in Ros na Rún for good or has Noreen other plans in mind for him?

Frances, wanting to know if what Angela said about Tadhg and Maggie is really true, meets with 'Adhna" who was a house keeper for the local priest back in the day. Will Adhna confirm that Tadhg and Maggie, were indeed, brother and sister?

Andy’s court date arrives and O’Shea is called to the stand. Will Andy regret the day he ever stood foot in Ros na Rún? 

Dee, thanks to Fiach’s big mouth, discovers Katy has not paid Tadhg back for her shares in Gaudi. Dee decides to use this information to her advantage, and tell Tadhg that he is not Jay’s grandfather. How will Tadhg react? 

Caitríona needing to pay the debt collectors, doctor’s an invoice Tommy sent in for the Ionad Pobail CCTV. Will Frances discover what Caitríona has done? 

Malachaí, unhappy with the amount of time Frances is spending with Tadhg, tries to involve himself in a family meeting Frances has organized. When Frances dismisses his offer to help, Malachaí drops a bombshell. What could this be? 

Ros na Rún, TG 4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; Omnibus edition, Sundays, 7.30pm.