Mack wants everyone to know that he is Jay's father. Meanwhile, John Joe believes Dee may have purposely caused Michelle’s anaphylactic seizure. But can he prove it?

Vince’s dalliance with Emma comes to an abrupt end when Caitríona returns. Will Caitríona discover what Vince has been up to? Rory is planning on breaking up with Michelle, but when he comes across her bank details, he soon changes his mind. Will Rory disclose this information to Emma? Frances is rattled knowing Tadhg and Maggie were brother and sister. Will she confront Tadhg or confide in Malachaí?

A worried John Joe voices his concerns about Dee to O’Shea. Is Dee suffering form post-natal depression? Will O’Shea act on what John Joe has told her? Caitríona, in desperate need of money, is hoping to make some today by advertising new sunglasses on her Vlog. When the sunglasses are accidenatly broken, she calls the company, and pretends she never received them. Will Caitríona’s actions have repercussions? Mo is worried about Peatsai’s health and urges him to go see a Doctor. Is Mo over-reacting?

Frances, wanting to find out if what Angela said about Tadhg and Maggie really is true, starts asking questions. She arranges to meet with somebody who would have this knowledge. Who could this be?

Ros na Rún, TG 4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; Omnibus edition, Sundays, 7.30pm.