Will Bobbi Lee and Berni believe Nathan? It's Bláithín's birthday today and Angela tells Frances Tadhg's secret.

Nathan, now knowing that it was Briain who knocked down Jude, confronts him. Is this the end of the road for Briain?

Angela, desperate to get her money, tells Tadhg she will reveal his secret, unless he pays up. Will Tadhg give in to Angela’s demands?

Dee blames Katy for Mack not wanting to go to Australia, and fears she may be losing him. Katy, sick to the back teeth of Dee, believes it is only a matter of time before Mack does leave her. Dee wonders if Mack has his sights set on someone else?

Emma, not liking how close Rory is getting to Michelle, asks him to break up with her. Will Rory do as he is told?

Dee, convinced that there is something going on between Mack and Michelle plans to put a stop to it. What will Dee do?

With Sorcha back, Nathan is counting on her to tell Berni and Bobbi Lee the truth. Will Briain finally get his comeuppance?

Frances, curious as to what hold Angela has over Tadhg, pleads with her to tell her. Will Angela break her promise to Tadhg?  

Ros na Rún, TG 4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; Omnibus edition, Sundays, 7.30pm.