Noreen gets a new job in Ros na Rún, Fiach comes to Katy's aid and John Joe makes a big decision.

Briain, not trusting Nathan, attempts to discredit him in Berni’s eyes. What does Briain plan to do, and will he succeed? Katy is worried she will lose everything if Tadhg discovers he is not Jay’s grandfather. Unable to handle the pressure on her own, she confides in Fiach. Will Fiach find a solution to her problem?

Noreen thinks she may have the perfect solution to Tadhg’s staff shortage. But will Tadhg take her suggestion on board? Frances, getting short shrift from Malachaí, feels their relationship is well and truly over. Will Frances cut her losses and move on?

Mack, having had little contact with Jay, is resigned to the fact he may never see him again when he moves to Australia. Will Mack get to say goodbye to Jay?

Sorcha panics when her mother Sadie goes missing. Nathan comes to her aid, and in doing so, discovers a secret Sorcha has been keeping. What could this be? Laoise is uncomfortable with how close Angela and Micheál are. She soon discovers she had every right to be. What has Laoise seen? Angela is worried she may never receive her money from Tadhg until she hears about Maggie . What does Angela know?

Ros na Rún, TG 4, Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30pm; Omnibus edition, Sundays, 7.30pm.

Sorcha lets slip to Nathan the truth about the hit and run on Ros na Rún