Vince and Caitríona are due to go on holiday today. Vince is hoping this may give them a chance to clear the air. Will Vince actually go on holidays with Caitríona?

Colm, much to Mo’s relief, decides not to let Charlie use the embryo. Will Colm and Mo regret this decision, or will Charlie manage to convince them otherwise.

While dropping off supplies to Jude in the nursing home, Briain is shocked to see who is visiting her. 
Dee is pleased that Mack is packing for Australia, but she is not happy with all the attention he seems to be giving Michelle. Should Dee be worried?

On Thursday's episode, Dee panics when she realises the 'DNA’ proving Mack is Jay’s father, has gone missing. Micheál receives a visit from an old friend, and invites her to stay with him, while she is in Ros na Rún. Laoise is surprised to discover who this old friend is but is not told of the relationship this friend once had with Micheál.  

Vince, shown pictures of a happy Caitríona on holiday, decides to have a little fun of his own. What does Vince plan on doing? 

Briain does not like that Nathan is Andy’s son, is worried when he sees how well Nathan and Sorcha get on. 

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