Gray tries to find evidence that could incriminate Leo, but he's growing frustrated and his behaviour concerns Sonia. Later, Gray finally makes an interesting new discovery and his confidence over the case starts to grow. 

Elsewhere, Ben finds out that his operation won't be for another few weeks and could have serious complications. Callum is concerned about Danny's presence at this difficult time, suggesting that Ben should avoid any stress, but Ben storms off.

Meanwhile, Linda apologises to Shelley while picking Ollie up from school, but receives some home truths in response. Isaac intervenes by asking Linda to help at the school.

Later in the week, Habiba gets frustrated when Jags doesn't notice her flirting with him. When the pair finally grow closer, Habiba reminds Jags about his previous comments.

Also, Shelley turns up at The Vic and tells Isaac about Linda's drinking. Linda stands up for herself and Isaac is impressed.