When Will confesses everything about Malone, Cain decides to take matters into his own hands. He confronts Malone but is left stunned by what happens next - the garage is trashed and Moira's bull is killed. Then Malone turns up to investigate. Can Cain get the upper hand, or what does Malone have up his sleeve? 

It's the week of Tracy's surprise party for Vanessa - but things do not go according to plan. Charity blurts out that Vanessa has cancer and Tracy is left reeling. When Vanessa discovers what Charity has done she storms away - with Tracy in pursuit. Vanessa and Tracy have a heart-to-heart, with Charity feeling left on the fringes. Soon, things are at boiling point between Charity and Tracy. 

Laurel agrees to keep what happened to Archie a secret, but when Jai asks her to move in the pressure to keep quiet is really on. Expect plenty of twists ahead... 

Elsewhere, Luke asks Victoria to give them another chance, while Dan and Mandy agree to go on a date.