Sharon calls at the furniture shop to pick up Rick's old client list. In return, Gary asks Sharon to teach Ali a lesson. What has he got planned? Later, Craig attends a wellness check-up with Ali when the doctor suddenly collapses. Toyah and Dr Gaddas rush to his aid and Toyah reluctantly reveals that he might have taken an overdose of diazepam. Maria and Gary watch in horror as Ali is loaded into an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Michael confirms that Danny has taken down his original message, but James points out that it's too late. A furious James confronts Danny, who insists that it was an accident and he never meant to cause trouble. But James bitterly points out that he should have been able to come out on his own terms but thanks to him, that's now impossible.

Meanwhile, spotting Ali sitting in his car, Maria climbs into the passenger seat and quizzes him about his overdose. Maria is horrified when Ali locks her in and tells her how he suspects Gary spiked his drink. As Maria pulls fruitlessly at the door handle, Ali starts the car.

Later in the week, when an excited Nina tells Carla how they're meeting the group later to put up the bat boxes, Roy lies and tells her the meeting's cancelled. Nina is hugely disappointed. Having discovered the bat meeting hasn't been cancelled at all, Nina wonders if Roy is ashamed to be seen with her.

Also,  when Aggie reveals that they've had several calls from newspapers wanting to get his side of the story, James is beside himself.