Lola is shocked when Jay surprises her with a romantic lunch, then proposes to her. Will she say yes. Meanwhile, Gray tells Chantelle that he plans to represent Whitney to get his job back. Chantelle faces her own setback when Denise reveals that she no longer needs her full-time.

Elsewhere, Patrick admits to Denise that he thinks Isaac hates him. Later, Patrick tries to calm Isaac down when he gets too excited over an air hockey game. Isaac has some harsh words for Patrick in response.

Meanwhile, at the Queen Vic, Mitch is intrigued when Jack mentions that he saw Gray going into a hotel. Gray is furious when Mitch starts quizzing him over the mystery. Later, as Gray angrily fills in Chantelle over her dad's insinuations, Mitch tells Karen that he thinks Gray is having an affair. Karen refuses to believe it, but Mitch is determined to prove it.

Later in the week,  Denise discovers that Isaac's outburst towards Patrick was on the anniversary of his father's death. Denise looks for a way to help Patrick and Isaac make amends.

Also, Stuart makes a plan to cheer Rainie up by proposing to her.