This week on Emmerdale, Marlon feels awful when April gets a text from a school bully calling her dad a "murderer".

Later, Marlon is furious when he finds out it was Charity and Ryan who stole Kim's money. The Dingles glare at Charity when Marlon makes her reveal she sat on evidence which could have led to his release from prison.

He is then staggered by a further revelation that Kim may have hired someone to kill Graham. After demanding Mandy move out, Marlon declares he's done with all of the Dingles. 

Elsewhere, Tracy is upset when Cara makes a dig at her. Cara is taken aback when Nate suggests she's being judgmental of Tracy in the same way Cain's family once judged her.

Cain delivers some home truths to Cara about why she should let Nate make his own decision about Tracy. 

Soon, Tracy is pleased when Cara apologises, but is alarmed when Cara reveals she's leaving Emmerdale. She invites Nate to join her – will he? 

Meanwhile, Dawn is overjoyed to be getting sole custody of Lucas, but Will barely manages to raise a smile after having had an argument with Harriet.

At Butlers farm, Cain tries to bury his unease when the police arrive with new forensic evidence on the gun that was used to shoot Nate.

Later, an embarrassed Moira reveals the gun is buried at the top of Butlers field and Will reveals the gun belonged to the gang he used to work for.

Cain needs to clear this mess up but he's unaware DI Malone is watching them from his car.