This week on Coronation Street, Ray gets Abi alone in the garage and reveals that a friend's dashcam footage shows her stealing his car.

In order to keep this information from the police, Ray tries to blackmail her into sleeping with him.

Kevin later confesses to Tyrone that he's being hold to ransom by Ray, and if he doesn’t sell him the garage, he and Abi are off to prison.

Meanwhile, Bethany tells Sarah she believes Ray is blocking all her attempts to get restaurant jobs, so Sarah offers her a short-term role setting up Underworld's sales arm.

Later, Sarah tells Beth and Bethany will be starting work at the factory and to make her welcome. But Beth accuses Bethany of trying to steal Sinead's life, leaving her gutted.

Elsewhere, Tracy and Peter are shocked to see a 'For Sale' sign on No.1. Ken’s adamant he’s happy with his decision to move away with Claudia.