Following the dramatic events on EastEnders, a number of families are in turmoil and for some, things will never be the same again…

Coming up this week, Chantelle is shocked to learn Leo is dead and Whitney has been arrested.

Tiffany is concerned after speaking to Whitney and asks Gray to defend her case.

Gray feels the pressure after agreeing to take on Whitney's case and snaps at Mackenzie and Mia, leaving Chantelle worried.

Whitney grows frustrated in a police interview and maintains she acted in self-defence. Gray is suspicious of Whitney and later asks her whether she called anyone, however Whitney lies about calling Mick.

Elsewhere, Jean grows frustrated as Daniel is blasé about his situation. Later after a visit from the nurse, Jean insists Daniel stay with her after learning his hospice is closing, leaving him touched.

On the day of Jean’s oncology appointment, Daniel forces her to go. At the appointment, Jean is overwhelmed to hear that her MRI scan has come back clear.

Later in the week, as everyone tries to get back to normal following recent events, one person's lies begin to unravel.

Doubts begin to form in more than one person’s mind leading someone to desperately try and cover their tracks, aware that if the truth ever came out the consequences would be devastating…