This week on Home and Away, Tori's friends and family are overjoyed when she awakens from her coma, but their happiness is short lived when she rejects her baby Grace.

She has no recollection of giving birth, so Jasmine gives her a memory book that helps to convince her that baby Grace really is hers.

However, the new mum finds it challenging to bond with a daughter she has no memory of giving birth to.

Elsewhere, Irene is worried as it appears like Leah has gone missing. Justin is also becoming concerned as Leah hasn't shown up at the hospital to visit Tori yet. 

He becomes more alarmed when Irene breaks the news that Leah hasn't been seen since the day before.

Meanwhile, Dean and Ziggy's relationship continues to disintegrate and a misunderstanding makes things even worse.

Then, Ziggy enjoys some partying at the race track, but how far will she go to forget about Dean?

And Ryder reports Jade to the police and she is arrested.

However, she manages to manipulate her way out of the situation.