Gail hosts a birthday party for Oliver at Number 8, but he sleeps through most of it. When Bethany arrives with Daniel in tow, eyebrows are raised. Adam is not pleased to learn that Sarah has invited the whole factory to their wedding, and points out that Beth might kick off at Bethany and Daniel.

Elsewhere, Fiz confides in Tyrone that she's sick of Jade playing the fun sister while she's just the nagging mother. Tyrone feels for her. Christine calls at N umber 9 to arrange another visit with Jade. Fiz is quick to quash the idea and lies, making out that they're off on holiday.

Meanwhile, grabbing the mic, Chesney addresses Tara and her team, pointing out that the whole campaign is a sham and the reality of looking after four babies is very different. A furious Tara tells Chesney that he has completely trashed the brand and she's terminating their contract with immediate effect. Chesney calls at the kebab shop and begs Dev to give him a job. Will he say yes?

Later in the week, Maria and Gary announce their engagement to a muted reception. Sarah is amazed by the news, while Ali puts on a brave face in public and shakes Gary's hand.

Also, Aggie tells Carla that she's definitely returning to nursing as she has missed it.