This week on Home and Away, Ziggy is unaware that Dean knows about her new job as a mechanic for a racing team and continues to postpone telling him.

When she finally plucks up the courage to tell him, the conversation quickly devolves into a huge argument.

Hurt by her decision, he pushes her away, so she leaves for good, convinced that their relationship has come to an end.

Devastated at her departure, Dean turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows, cancels his surfing lessons and quits the surfboard shop.

Shocked by his downward spiral, Mackenzie knows she has to come up with a plan to get Dean back on the straight and narrow before things spin even more out of control.

Elsewhere, Ryan sees a different side to Jade after witnessing her steal cash from the till. However, she manages to manipulate him into keeping quiet about it.

And as Tori's medical team attempts to bring her out of her coma, the whole of Summer Bay holds its breath.