This week on Home and Away, Bella gets a shock this week when she walks in on Willow and Alex sharing an intimate moment.

Initially taken aback, she agrees to keep their secret as Willow isn't ready to share their relationship with the rest of Summer Bay just yet.

Later, Willow wants to open up to Colby and Dean about things with Alex, but they are too focused on their own issues.

Colby is trying to make amends with his girlfriend Mackenzie after he sided with Bella during a heated confrontation with Mackenzie. He has to make a painful decision this week as he knows he's been a bad boyfriend to her.

Meanwhile, Ryder fails to pick up on Jade's romantic signals. However, his later attempts to win her affections are successful, much to Roo's disappointment.

Elsewhere, Alf realises that life with Martha is going to present many challenges along the way.