As Beth rails at Daniel for endangering Bertie's life, Daniel hangs his head in shame. Distraught, he tells Ken he took Bertie for his first jab but couldn't bear to see him in pain so never took him back. As Beth sounds off in The Rovers, Bethany leaps to Daniel's defence. With the next 24 hours critical, Daniel screams at his family to leave him alone. Bethany finds Daniel distraught at Bertie's bedside. He pulls her to him and cries on her shoulder but then falters, unable to handle his guilt.

Elsewhere, when Maria suffers a dizzy spell and tells Ali she's bleeding, he insists on driving her to hospital for a scan. As the sonographer breaks the news that she has lost the baby, Maria is heartbroken. Quizzing her about her symptoms, Ali realises that she has measles. The doctor confirms this is the likely cause of her miscarriage.

Meanwhile, as Alya assures Yasmeen that her drinking is fine, Geoff does his best to undermine her confidence. Peter asks Yasmeen to join him at his alcoholic support group. With Geoff's words ringing in her ears, Yasmeen agrees.

Also, on the advice of the marriage guidance counsellor, Steve and Tracy make and effort to be nice to each other but it's clear they're both out of their comfort zone.