On Home and Away this week, Ben reopens the shop, but business is slow and he begins to stress.

Robbo is under pressure as a full-time parent and seems to be struggling to cope, but he remains reluctant to accept any help. 

Jasmine, keen to ease his burden, wants to know why he won't let her lend a helping hand, and Irene gives him some well-meant advice.

Determined to come to Robbo's aid, she assures him she wants to be around. Will he finally admit that he needs some help?

Elsewhere, Alex, who is nervous about getting into a relationship, refuses to explain why she rejected Willow's advances.

Meanwhile, Alf and Martha return and announce that Martha is returning to the bay for good.

And Bella is rushed to hospital where she is diagnosed with tetanus, and Leah is inspired to move in with Justin.