This week on Home and Away, Jasmine worries that Robbo is destined for burnout unless he allows others to take some of the burden off his shoulders.

Later, Justin demands access to baby Grace, threatening to take Robbo to court, which only adds to the pressure.

However, Robbo continues to insist on taking the majority of the childcare duties.

Just as things threaten to spiral out of control, Justin apologises, and he and Robbo share an uneasy truce. Will the peace last?

Meanwhile Willow and Alex have a bit too much too drink and end up sharing an intimate moment. Alex pulls away abruptly, leaving Willow worried she has ruined things between them.

Elsewhere, Colby arranges a date with Mackenzie, unaware that Bella is listening.

Colby and Mackenzie agree to carry on where they left off, but Bella is furious with her brother. 

Also coming up, Ben feels the pressure as he gets ready to reopen his business and Dean is in danger of crumbling as he struggles to juggle Salt, the shop and surfing lessons.