On Neighbours this week, Finn and Elly continue to grow a bit too close.

Despite Susan already warning Finn to put a stop to his growing feelings towards Elly, they can't help but be drawn to each other, especially considering how good he's being supporting her with baby Aster.

Susan is not at all happy when she realises Elly has also developed feelings towards Finn, and the pair claim they are trying not to act on anything for the sake of Bea. Susan warns them that if she catches them again, she'll have to tell Bea what's been going on.

In a bid to stop Bea from getting hurt, Elly decides to move out of the Kennedy house, but will Bea's suspicions be raised about the sudden move?

Elsewhere, Paul is adamant that he will not visit Robert even though he donated his kidney to save David, so how will he react when he finds out David, Aaron and Harlow are all planning on going to see him themselves?

Also this week, Terese finds herself helping out at Lassiters even though she's been forbidden from being in any way involved in the business, and Kyle is shown some tough love.