As Home and Away returns, there's a new arrival in Summer Bay.

Robbo once again finds himself racing against the clock, but this time his mission is to make it to the birth of his baby as Tori goes into labour.

Jasmine is on hand to help Tori in the safe house, and Robbo arrives just in time, but their baby joy is short lived when Tori collapses.

After being rushed to hospital, the Morgans find out that Tori has suffered a stroke and is now in a coma, with potential brain damage...

Meanwhile, Bella takes it upon herself to keep a heartbroken Colby away from Mackenzie.

While Colby can't get his head around why they aren't together anymore, he goes to see her and tries to convince her that his job isn't so dangerous anymore now that Robbo's bad guy drama has been put to bed.

When Bella sees the two looking friendly however, she is straight in to get in the way of any reconciliation.

Also this week, Ryder makes things  a whole lot worse for Blake when he dobs him in for the prank he was going to pull on Maggie.