Drama is high on Neighbours this Christmas, with sparks flying, hearts breaking and some nasty surprises.

Robert's return wreaks havoc

With Paul having made a deal with Robert to save David's life, Robert is taken from prison to the hospital to undergo the kidney transplant surgery.

Despite Robert being at the hospital, Paul can't shake a feeling that something isn't quite right, and he is firmly on edge about the deal he has made with him. When Paul sees Harlow bonding with her dad Robert, Paul is even more concerned, but Terese does her best to put his mind to rest.

Paul's worries were worthy however, with Robert escaping from the hospital and stealing an ambulance to use as his getaway car before he undergoes surgery.

With David still in desperate need of the operation, Paul and the rest of the family are in lockdown at the hospital and Paul is furious that Robert ran away before making good on his side of the deal. Paul makes it clear that he will do whatever it takes to get David another kidney.

Harlow is convinced that she will be able to talk her dad into doing the right thing, but is she holding out too much hope of appealing to his better nature, one that doesn't likely exist?

Hostage hold-up

With Robert on the run, it's not long before other Ramsay Street residents are drawn into the drama...

A heavily pregnant Elly finds herself going into labour at knifepoint when Robert arrives and holds her and Finn hostage. As Finn helps her to deliver baby Aster, their bond deepens and it looks like things are about to get a whole lot more complicated for these two as they get a bit too close for comfort.

Finn wonders if Elly might still have feelings for him, even though he's dating her younger sister, and it seems as though the new mum is seeing him in a new light after their ordeal, and how good he is with Aster.

Meanwhile, Robert is still on the run.

A Christmas runaway

Amy is shocked when her teenage son Jimmy arrives on her doorstep, having run away from his home in New York. She is even more shocked when Gary tells her that he thinks he knows what kind of trouble Jimmy might be in...

When Jimmy comes clean to his mum about why he has come to find her, he makes a plea for her help, which might involve her having to leave Ramsay Street.

When Amy tells Kyle about her dilemma, he offers to go with her, but it doesn't look set to work out for these two...

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