On Neighbours this week, Harlow secretly visits her dad in prison.

In a bid to help out David, Harlow decides to visit her dad Robert in prison – David's half-brother – to see if he might be a potential kidney donor for him.

Later in the week, Paul visits Robert himself when he finds out that he could possibly help to save David, but when Paul and Terese come face to face with the man who once left Paul for dead, they are disgusted, but not surprised, that he isn't about to get tested out of the good of his heart.

Robert's cooperation comes at a price, but is it one that Paul can pay?

Elsewhere, Claudia's meddling risks ruining things for Finn completely.

Also this week, Pierce asks Karl for advice on how to get things back on the right road with Hendrix, Kyle is up to something, and Terese accidentally ends up competing against Lassiters.