Laoise gets some unexpected news and Caitríona needs cash. Laoise is utterly taken aback when the doctor diagnoses her medical condition.

Although it is not life threatening she faces a life-changing dilemma. Nathan tags along with Sorcha when she visits Jude. Having visited Jude before, he is apprehensive that she may recognize him, and reveal his true identity. 

Caitríona, all set for the photo shoot, is horrified when Maeve refuses to do it. A desperate Caitríona promises to give Maeve anything she wants to do it. Will Caitríona regret saying this?

Mo is delighted with the adjustments Máire made to her wedding dress. Her delight soon turns to disappointment when Máire accidently burns her dress. Will Mo have a dress to wear on her wedding day?

Laoise, knowing time is against her to have a baby, puts pressure on Micheál. Pádraig, impressed by Peatsaí's knowledge of wines, asks him to help out at his pop up night.

Peatsaí gains his trust, resulting in Pádraig revealing a little too much about his business plans. 

Nathan, in trying to get to know Bobbi Lee better, has her believing he may fancy her. Will Nathan reveal his true reasons for wanting to get to know her?

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