It's the day of Mel's funeral, but Lisa is not happy when Phil and Sharon arrive for the wake. Phil is also curious when he spots Sharon comforting Jack. Lisa's anger levels grow when everyone praises Sharon, so she retaliates by making a speech. Everyone is stunned when Lisa brands Sharon a murderer and publicly announces that Phil is not the father of her baby.

Elsewhere, Adam's deception is starting to catch up with him, as he lies to Iqra as part of his efforts to cover his tracks. When Iqra asks about Adam's secretary 'Sally', Honey is unhappy as she knows that he doesn't have a secretary. Adam tries to brush off questions from Honey afterwards, but when she spots him flirting with someone at the bar, she finally takes matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Keanu senses things are going wrong and desperately tries to convince Phil that Lisa is unwell. Phil isn't so sure and is intrigued to spot Sharon with Jack again. Keanu also gets a text from Louise, whose waters have broken.

Later in the week, Karen joins choir practice after hearing about their Christmas competition with a cash prize, while Ian opens up to Jean about Lucy's death.

Also, Evie is impressed by Tiffany and invites her to The Vic, suggesting she should bring Bernadette too.