Coming up on Neighbours, David's remaining kidney is failing and he desperately needs a donor, but Harlow is too young and Terese's alcoholism rules her out. 

David's family fear for his life. A donor needs to be found soon, but it's not looking promising for him.

Elsewhere, Paul demands that Kyle drop his legal action.

Later, shaken to find Bea in the ring, Ned pulls out of the fight in the dangerous underground fight club. However, after he pulls a runner, he discovers he has made an enemy of another fighter...

Meanwhile, Hendrix stands in as work commitments force Pierce to miss his wedding rehearsal. However, a bold move goes too far when he gets carried away in the moment and kisses Chloe.

Later, Ned responds to a threat to his family by returning to the fight club, while Chloe is appalled when Hendrix declares his love for her.

And Susan is worried by Finn and Elly's closeness.