On Neighbours this week, Paul is on the warpath when Kyle's legal plans go public.

Amy is left in an awkward position when everyone finds out that Kyle is taking legal action against Lassisters over the sex tape scandal as she knows Paul will not be happy at all. As soon as Paul finds out he confronts Toadie over taking the case, but when he brings Sonya into things, it doesn't do him any favours and things get personal.

Who will Amy support in all the drama?

Elsewhere, Ned's secret fight club participation becomes a source of shock for Aaron when he decides to follow Ned to find out what he is up to, as he knows there is something going on with him.

Meanwhile, Hendrix is on wedding sabotage duty and tampers with the results of Chloe and Pierce's marriage quiz which leads to Susan stepping down as their celebrant.

Unaware that Hendrix has been meddling behind the scenes, Pierce has an idea of how to get him on board with the celebrations.

Also this week, Kirsha packs her bags and says her goodbyes, Prue is caught stealing by Gary and Roxy's job is on the line.