On Home and Away this week, Robbo must plot his next move.

When Robbo turns back up in Summer Bay, Colby is full of questions about where he disappeared to but when he pushes the matter too much, Robbo lashes out and hits him, and seeing Colby bloodied makes Mackenzie wonder if she wants to be with someone who lives a dangerous life.

Robbo realises he is ready to strike a deal; he will hand Dylan over if he can deal with Victor directly and get a confession for the murder of his family, but it's not that straight forward...

Meanwhile, Jasmine is in the dark about Robbo and Victor's meeting and fears he has done another vanishing act, and the drama doesn't end there with Tori going into labour!

Elsewhere, Dean comes across a hooder intruder pouring petrol behind the bar in Salt, but when he flicks on the lights he is faced with someone he knows... But who?

Also this week, Justin and Leah try to distract Ava from the drama surrounding her mum's divorce, and Ryder is faced with a big dilemma when he learns that students are planning to slip Maggie a sleeping pill so they can cheat on their exams.