On Home and Away this week, the nightmare for Robbo and Jasmine continues.

As Jasmine recovers in hospital, her world is rocked again when she starts to worry about Robbo and his failure to show up, not knowing that he was attacked while visiting the graves of his family.

When she fears the worst, she turns to Colby for help.

Meanwhile, Robbo is being held captive… But by who?

Elsewhere, Alf's idea that Martha would move in with him doesn't quite go to plan as she feels she is getting in the way of his family life.

When she tells him she may hit the road, things change for them when he suggests that he go with her…

There's good news for Irene this week when she finds out that the case against her has been dropped, but is the Tommy drama finally over?

Also this week, Dean is shocked by Mackenzie's doubts over her relationship with Colby, Mason might be given a new chance, and Ben sinks further into depression.