Louise is surprised to learn that Lisa and Mel have been arguing. Lisa blames Mel, insisting that she isn't coping, but Louise is sceptical and starts asking questions about her mum's medication. Will the friends make amends when Mel apologises to Lisa?

Sharon hears that Phil is coming home, having been tipped off by Mel about the sale of the E20. Sharon urges Keanu to get Louise out of Walford before things spiral out of control, but Louise is getting ready for the party that Mel has arranged for her.

When Louise and Sharon turn up for the gathering, Mel's plan starts to unfold. Sharon sneaks out of the gathering to meet Phil at the airport, but Mel follows her.

When Keanu warns Sharon that Mel is hot on her heels, it's a desperate race against time. Mel calls Billy and orders him to put the phone to the microphone for an important announcement. Will Mel reveal the truth?

Later in week, Mick and Linda reminisce over old times, while Chantelle is baffled when Denise mentions a fight that Gray was involved in.