Michelle tells Alya to be careful around Ray and to make sure he makes no advances. A mad Ray covers when questioned by Alya, before heading to see Michelle and giving her with a letter for breach of contract and defamation. At the same time, Robert has called to appease Tyler over the Amy situation, but as he is driving home from Vicky's, he is distracted by a call from Michelle telling him about Ray and crashes his car!

Elsewhere, Roy and Carla go back to Richard's and are allowed in by a care worker, who says Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Nina is shocked to find them there, but Roy covers well by saying he is his online Scrabble opponent.

Meanwhile, Ken and Claudia are home from Scotland, having failed to locate Daniel. Peter eventually gets hold of him and he admits he is in Cheshire. As he sits on a dreary hillside thinking, he is stunned to find Peter alongside him.

Later in the week, in a bid to delay Emma's return home, Amy trips over on purpose and fakes a sprained ankle. Emma helps Amy home and points out that with her injured ankle, they won't be able to attend the Little Mix gig. Amy's gutted.

Also, having enjoyed a meal together, Kel kisses Bernie goodnight. As he heads off, Billy warns him to stay away from Number 5 and certainly from Joseph or he'll regret it.