On Neighbours this week, Ned lashes out at Yashvi as she tries to help him.

Still shaken from being stabbed and chased through maze by Scarlett, Ned is struggling to get over what he has been through, and Terese worries he has post traumatic stress.

Yashvi decides to do what she can to help him, despite their break-up, but when she tries to wake him from a nightmare, he mistakes her for Scarlett and attacks her. Can Ned make amends with Yashvi?

Meanwhile, Chloe sets about planning a surprise for Pierce – she's going to propose to him at the Melbourne Cup event – but she doesn't bargain for how her plans will turn out on the day…

Also this week, Harlow's mum Prue is not happy about how her daughter is living and wants her to leave Ramsay Street with her, but can Terese and Paul do enough damage control to let her stay?