On Home and Away this week, Irene is shocked when she finds out that Tommy is filing a civil case against her.

The nightmare continues for Irene when she discovers there is a civil case pending against her, with Tommy demanding $1million from her.

Irene would need to sell everything she owns; including her home and share in the Diner, to pay him off, and Leah is gutted to find out at that she is thinking of doing just that instead of going to court. Can Leah convince her to stand her ground and fight her case?

When someone from the support group says they are willing to do whatever it takes to stop Tommy, Irene and Bella could be in for more trouble…

Elsewhere, Dean opens up to Ziggy about his fears of passing his mother's Schizoaffective Disorder to any children he would have, so tells her that if she wants a family she should break up with him as he doesn't plan on having kids!

Also this week, the race to save Jasmine continues, but can Robbo make it to her side on time?