Tiffany confronts Dotty over her sabotage of Keegan's business. She's relieved when Dotty promises to put things right. At the same time, Ian winds up Keegan when he asks for a job. Keegan loses his temper and lashes out in response. Later, Sonia confronts Keegan for his treatment of Ian. With tensions so high, Tiffany suggests to Keegan that they should elope.

Elsewhere, Tina wants Linda to confront Shelley about what happened with Ollie, but she is more concerned about staying in her friend's good books. Linda plans another night out at the E20, so asks for Tina's help with keeping Shirley away. Unfortunately, Shirley does arrive at the E20 and doesn't hold back when she sees Shelley. Linda's reaction comes as a surprise to everyone.

Meanwhile, Pam Coker returns to Walford – much to Ben's surprise. Ben feels awkward about the fact that he's now dating someone, so leaves Callum upset by playing down who he is.

Later in the week,  Karen joins choir practice after hearing about their Christmas competition with a cash prize, while Ian opens up to Jean about Lucy's death.