As Emma recovers in hospital, Steve reports Ali to Dr Gaddas. An upset Ali meets Maria in Victoria Gardens and admits he shouldn't have dumped her and is jealous of Gary. Unaware of an intrigued Adam watching them, Maria comforts a desolate Ali. Adam tells Gary, who is furious at what he sees.

Elsewhere, Billy talks to Josh in hospital in a bid to try and make him tell the truth about what happened in the prison, but Josh is adamant that he is only interested in looking after himself and wants to stop David testifying in court. Paul is shocked when he finds a downcast Billy in the cafe and Billy tells him about Josh raping David. Will Paul do anything with this information?

Meanwhile,  Ken is worried that Daniel will regret his decision not to come back for the funeral. Claudia takes charge, saying they must go and find him and bring him back.

Later in the week, as an excited Shona tells Gail and Audrey that David will soon be released and the wedding is back on, they exchange doubtful looks. The wedding guests gather in the Bistro and a flustered Shona arrives, but there is no sign of David. Will he make it in time?

Also, Carla is worried about Roy's online Scrabble addiction and tries to persuade him to play at the pub instead.