This week on Emmerdale, Moira tells Cain she wants to move back in and fight for everything they have.

She breaks down as she explains why she had the affair with Nate, but Cain is unmoved. Moira takes Cain's head in her hands and kisses him. Cain comes to and tells her he wants her out of Butlers. 

Nate turns up at the Dingles and it becomes apparent that he wants to get to know the family. As Nate struggles with his emotions, Belle advises he leave and never come back. As he leaves, a furious Cain pulls up and knocks him out with a single punch.

Later at the Woolpack, Kerry flirts with Cain and they share a charged moment. Moira is floored when she arrives at Butlers and walks in on Cain and Kerry. Moira knows Cain has put an end to them for good.

Aaron struggles this week

Elsewhere, Liv and Victoria are concerned to think that Aaron could be having a breakdown. Chas later reveals she has received a message from Robert, leaving Aaron hopeful that all might not be lost. 

However, Victoria is told that Robert has put a moratorium on receiving any prison visitors, preventing her and Aaron from ever seeing him again.

Mandy and Vinny visit the solicitor and refuse to leave until they find out the identity of Lydia's benefactor. The solicitor is about to give the information when he realises Mandy's true identity and they quickly scarper.

Mandy concocts a plan

When Mandy and Vinny reveal what happened, the Dingles turn their backs on them for ruining Lydia's chances of finding out who left her the money. 

The next day, Mandy and Vinny's guilt leads to them coming up with a plan...