On Neighbours this week, Sheila isn't happy when she finds out she's part of a love triangle.

After being so happy to be back with Clive, Sheila is outraged when she discovers that he hasn't actually ended things with Beverly, even though he promised to break up with her after the medical conference.

Sheila discovers that she is part of a love triangle – and maybe even the other woman – when she visits Clive at the hospital and finds him very much still with Beverly.

When Sheila confronts him about it, he promises he will end things with Beverly, but will he?

Elsewhere, Ned is in for a massive surprise when he heads off for a weekend away with Scarlett.

As everyone at home pieces together what she has been up to, the depths of her manipulation, and how dangerous she is,  Ned is none the wiser and this Halloween will be one of horror that he will never forget...

Also this week, Pearse starts making plans to send Hendrix back to his mum in Sydney, Amy and Kyle's video falls into the wrong hands, and a group of students decide to host a séance.