On Home and Away this week, Jasmine has a tough call to make.

When Robbo realises Jasmine never made it to the airport he goes into panic mode and he vows to get even with the people who have taken her.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is being held hostage by Des and during the kidnapping one of his thugs Lenny was shot. Des gives Jasmine the ultimatum that she either perform surgery on Lenny to save his life and remove the bullet, or Des will kill him himself to put him out of his misery.

When Robbo and Colby find CCTV footage, they are put in the direction of Reefton Lakes, and when a robbery at a pharmacy is reported, and all the missing items would be used to treat a gunshot wound, they are hot on the case.

Will Robbo find Jasmine on time?

Elsewhere, as Irene tries to come to terms with the fact that she may be going to prison, her verdict is announced, but will it be good news?

Also this week, Raffy says her final goodbyes and Dean and Karen struggle to mend fences.