On EastEnders this week, Sharon returns from Portugal alone and Keanu asks her to stop Louise from leaving.

However, Sharon wants him to play along with Mel. Later, Mel gives Ruby first refusal to buy the E20 and reassures her that Sharon will definitely be up for selling. This leads to another showdown, as Mel warns Sharon to follow her instructions.

Elsewhere, Ben confronts the Panesar brothers when they turn up in Walford, but Kheerat makes it clear that they're not there to see him. Jags recognises a familiar face in Walford.

Meanwhile, Honey forces Adam to join her at the party. He apologises for not being around much recently and suggests they should go on a family holiday. Honey is thrilled, but gets upset when Habiba arrives. Mick notices Honey's mood and comes up with a plan to cheer her up.

Later in the week, Keanu's frustration over Mel's interference continues to grow and he confides in Lisa. Lisa also sees Mel's overbearing behaviour for herself when there's a false alarm with Louise and the baby.

Also, Tiffany is furious to hear about Dotty's bad behaviour and confronts her. More trouble looms for Keegan when Ian discovers that he hasn't closed his business. Ian takes matters into his own hands afterwards, while Adam accidentally shows his true colours while Mariam is listening.