On Coronation Street this week, Gemma and Chesney are horrified to see that in her magazine interview, Bernie has painted Chesney as a love rat, claiming it made a better story.

Chesney tells Gemma that Sinead's death has made him realise they should try and make a go of things properly.

Elsewhere, Daniel calls at Number 1 and announces that he's taking Bertie on holiday to Scotland as it'll do them good to get away. Adam and Peter are concerned for him, but Daniel insists it's best for everyone.

As Daniel and Bertie set off for Scotland, Beth watches, distraught that he's taking her godson away and fearing he may never come back.

Meanwhile, when Gail finds out from Audrey that Max has been failing to take his meds and instead selling them at school, she's horrified and resolves to get the whole family back on track.

Later in the week, sick of the constant press presence outside the house, Gemma says she wishes she could just get away for the day. Using Bernie as a decoy with a blanket over her head, they get rid of the press and Chesney says they are going out for the day to Llandudno.

Also, Jade persuades Fiz that it's her duty to go and look after her Mum and Hope will be in safe hands with her and Tyrone. Fiz gives Jade a grateful hug. Jade cooks a lovely meal for Tyrone and Evelyn. Afterwards she hands Tyrone a present. Tyrone is thrilled to find it's a dart board. Evelyn challenges them both to a game.