This week on Emmerdale, Mandy and Vinny are more desperate than ever to pay casino boss Terry back and try to hack Lydia's bank account.

When Lydia catches them in the act, an angry Sam calls a Dingle family court. As they're awaiting their trial, Mandy and Vinny decide to make a run for it.

Their getaway doesn't go to plan when the van breaks down and they are forced to hide out in the woods.

Vinny and Mandy's getaway doesn't go to plan

They're soon caught and have to explain themselves to the rest of the family. Mandy tells them the truth – that her and Vinny were running a casino card counting scam run by Terry, and shockingly reveals that Charity was involved too.

As the Dingles deliberate, Vinny is terrified they might uncover his other secret...

That's the least of their worries when Terry turns up and they're left fearful for their lives.

Elsewhere, Graham's determination to break free from Kim leaves Andrea hopeful that he might soon be out of her life for good.

Kim admits she's jealous over Graham's mystery woman

Kim admits to Jamie she's jealous over Graham and his mystery woman. When Jamie discovers it's Rhona, he wants to tell Kim, but Andrea is worried about upsetting Graham.

Andrea pulls Graham aside for a talk, and when Kim sees them arguing she mistakenly thinks Andrea is the mystery woman. 

When it's later revealed it's Rhona, Graham cruelly tells Kim to get used to seeing them together.

Jamie lectures Graham over his lack of loyalty to Kim, and in retaliation, Graham reveals it was Jamie who was responsible for delivering the evidence that put Kim behind bars, leaving Kim devastated.