Gray chases a girl who stole from Whitney's market stall. He passes by the salon and is surprised to see that Chantelle is at work, covering at the salon after a request from Denise. Later, Gray announces his and Chantelle's news to everyone at The Vic. It's clear to Chantelle that Gray is angry with her for lying.

Elsewhere, Jay receives a booking for an elaborate funeral, but is surprised to find out that it's for Terry Bates – the man responsible for his father's death. Callum is shocked to see how much Jay hates Terry, so asks Ben for some help on how to deal with the situation. Lola also tries to comfort Jay.

Meanwhile, Leo tries to muddy Callum's name as part of his plan to get close to Whitney. He makes a surprising discovery and finds an excuse to quiz Callum about his time in the army.

Later in the week, Ian finds a way to embarrass Stuart when he starts work at Walford East, while Arshad is furious when Adam buys him and Mariam tickets to visit India.

Also, Karen tries to make amends with Bailey.