On Neighbours this week, Scarlett tries to blackmail Paul.

When Paul realises that Scarlett lied about her job references, he fires her on the spot as she has no actual hotel experience at all, but it's not long before Scarlett manages to turn the tables back on him by telling him she knows all about the hidden cameras in Lassisters.

Scarlett tells Paul that if he doesn't give her back her job and make sure she's always working with Ned, she'll tell the press about the cameras. She has more than knowledge however, but Paul doesn't realise that she has the video footage, including some of his daughter Amy and her boyfriend Kyle. Will Paul give in to her demands?

Meanwhile, Scarlett continues to deceive Ned and with him thinking she is still being stalked, he escorts her to the tram, but finds himself in a dangerous situation of her making.

Elsewhere, when Chloe arrives in town Hendrix feels sidelined by Pierce so sets off in search of trouble.

When Terese finds out that the Melbourne Cup has gone missing, its panic stations for all as it must be found or Lassiters will be in huge trouble. When the identity of the culprit is unearthed, Pierce snaps angrily, but will he regret his outburst?

Also this week, Elly, Bea and Finn await news of Shaun after he goes missing, Sheila ponders her chances with Clive and Kirsha impresses Toadie.