On Home and Away this week, Bella is shocked when she comes face to face with Tommy in court.

Bella's nerves about going to court to testify for Irene were eased when Colby assured her that Tommy would not be there, but just as she is set to take the stand, she freezes in shock when she sees Tommy wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair after being called as a surprise witness.

Chaos ensues as Irene angrily shouts at him for what he tried to do to Tommy, and Colby flies off the handle as well.

Bella manages to stay strong however and returns to court the next day and tells the court exactly what happened, what Tommy did to her and how Irene defended her by hitting him. Will it be enough to keep Irene out of prison?

Meanwhile, as the dangers against Robbo and Jasmine mount, it looks like they'll have to get themselves even more out of harm's way and leave the Bay altogether.

Jasmine is shocked when Robbo tells her that she must leave the country without him, and leave her home and friends behind until it's safe.

When Jasmine does leave, Robbo gets back at work to try to track down Dylan, but she isn't out of danger at all...

Also this week, Dean's secret is out, Maggie worries about Ben when he goes missing, and Mason makes a move.