This week on Fair City, Rose continues to think someone is in her room, and later catches Ciaran in the house. He pretends he's Michael to stop her calling the guards.

Ciaran takes Rose's door key before he makes a quick getaway. Returning to the house later, Ciaran arms himself with a kitchen knife and watches Katy and Rose as they sleep.

Ciaran sneaks into Rose's house

Katy accuses Tessa of lying about Ciaran's whereabouts. She later lures Tessa into the attic and gives her a taste of Ciaran's medicine.

Eoghan finds out Tessa failed to pick up Fionn from school and is horrified to discover what Katy has done to Tessa. He worries about Katy's state of mind.

Tessa is terrified when Katy traps her in the attic

Katy receives a text from Ciaran. She shows Eoghan the message but swears him to secrecy. Eoghan assures her that Ciaran will never hurt her again.

Elsewhere, Cristiano presses Will to return to the therapist. Cristiano is forced to lock himself in the bathroom as he's frightened of Will's temper and Will injures himself trying to open the door.

Cristiano is frightened of Will

Will plays down his injury with Cristiano while playing up the injury to others. Pete and Mairead feel Cristiano isn't pulling his weight and accuse him of being selfish. Will subtly undermines Cristiano to Mairead who tells Cristiano to be more attentive to Will.

Meanwhile, Paul and Dean disagree about renting the spare room to Barry. Barry tells Paul he has found somewhere but is vague about his new living arrangements. He books a taxi to take him to his new place – a room at a rundown hotel.

Hughie's dependency on alcohol increases

Also, Hughie's dependency on alcohol escalates and Dolores enlists Jackie to talk to him. A phonecall from Jackie pushes Hughie over the edge and he reaches for the bottle again. Jane is frustrated as Hughie's behaviour starts affecting his business.