Tiffany tells Keegan that she's ready to take their romance to the next level. As the young couple discuss the future of their relationship, they make a big decision. At the same time, Whitney considers going for a drink with Leo, but changes her mind after seeing Callum in the café.

Elsewhere, Kathy gives into Stuart's demands and goes against Max's wishes by letting Rainie take Abi to the park. Stuart can sense that something still isn't right with Rainie and when he goes to track her down, he's devastated by what he sees. Later, Rainie pays Kathy a visit and resorts to desperate measures.

Meanwhile,  Martin lashes out when Ian questions his takings for the day. He also misses Bex's mental health appointment when a pick-up with Tubbs leads to him being injured.

Later in the week, Whitney introduces Leo to Tiffany but is confused that she already knows him. Leo fears his scheming could be under threat, but when Tiffany tries to warn Whitney that he may not be all he seems, the pair fall out.

Also, Iqra expresses fears to Ruby that Ash is deliberately not introducing her to her family, while Gray suggests throwing a party to celebrate Chantelle's pregnancy.