Faye is having a difficult time looking after Lily and Harry while Shona and Sarah are out for birthday drinks. Max arrives home in a mood.

Shona and Sarah arrive home to find Max and Lily having an argument over the TV. Out of nowhere, there's a loud crashing sound and Harry is found unconscious, so Shona dials for help. Sarah sets off for the hospital with Harry. Shona has a go at Max and declares that he is the reason for Harry's injury. Max explains to Shona how it was Lily who gave Harry a push and not him.

Elsewhere, a few firemen take care of the turnstile and rescue Gemma. Chesney takes Gemma to the hospital, while Daniel and Sinead relax in front of the TV, in the knowledge that these events will soon be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, David is having the day from hell when he arrives at the medical wing to collect his medication and is stunned to find a bloodied and bruised John waiting to be seen to. They exchange eye contact for a few seconds before David heads back to his cell, visibly shaken.

Later in the week, Abe states that Josh is locked up for drugging and raping someone. David explains that Josh did exactly the same thing to him.

Also, back on the cobbles, Sarah is disgusted when Marion has been looking for legal advice from Adam.