On Neighbours this week, Mark says his final goodbyes to the residents of Ramsay Street.

As Mark gets ready for his move to Adelaide to look after his mum, Aaron and David encourage him to have a proper farewell with the whole street, but Mark is so upset about having to leave Erinsborough that he finds it too hard to say goodbye to people personally.

Instead, Mark decides to bid everyone a farewell via video message, and his final moments in town are spent down at the lake reflecting on his lost love Kate and his dear friend Sonya.

Elsewhere, troublemaker Hendrix takes Pierce's car for a joyride but it ends in disaster when he crashes the car into the marquee at Lassiter's and Harlow gets caught in the wreck.

Paul confronts Hendrix for putting Harlow in danger, but Pierce jumps to his defence to cover for his son and tells Paul that he asked Hendrix to park his car.

Will this be a wake-up call for Hendrix or is Pierce just going to make things worse by letting him off the hook?

Also this week, sparks fly with Elly and Shaun, things get more twisted for Scarlett and Sheila crashes a dinner party.